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When exchanging data between different sources it is common that each source uses a different identifier for the same entity and there is no universal identifier. TODS allows entities to contain multiple ids to facilitate easier data transfer.

Primary identifier

It is important to identify where data sent in the TODS came from. To do this, an identifier can be used. For example, every tournament must have a TournamentId. This is the Id used by the sender of the TODS data and is unique. Each Id sits in a URN-style namespace in the following format:


Code Block
	"Tennis": {
		"Header": {
			"ProviderId": "LTA",
			"Date": "2019-04-18",
			"DataStandardsVersion": "Draft 0.5"
		"Tournament": {
			"TournamentId": "ghttERaaI",
			"Ids": {
				"Id": [
					"The Northern Lawn Tennis Club:T182747",
			"Name": "The Manchester Trophy",

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