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The project method follows a development cycle not dissimilar to Agile Sprint in that we have no set end date or specifically defined functional requirements. Instead we focus upon continuous development and feedback allowing for fast-paced change and an end result defined by users, not by the ITF. Once we forsee no major required changes required in either data fields or format then we know that we will have the TODS in a stable position for adoption. Thus far, as a result of the feedback and support we have received, we have been able to release regular updates to the TODS. Our latest version is 0.8, released on the 3rd 20th July 2020.

Our first practical usage of the TODS will be in support of sending data as part of the World Tennis Number (WTN) project. As such, our main source of feedback originally came from the National Associations that were the early adopters in that project. It has since extended to include:


The TODS are still in the cycle of review and development to incorporate the comments, thoughts and changes that have been suggested. We also continue to improve and expand our support documentation to better assist people in understanding the project and to prepare for adoption so that they can start using the standards.

Version Details:  

  • Latest Version v00.7 - Wednesday 16th October 2019. First fully 8 - 20th July 2020. Fully supported version.Version v0.8 - Friday 3rd July 2020

Change Requests 

If anyone wants to input a change request they can do so. If the change is complex or large, we may require a detailed explanation of the extent of the change and an example of how the change element should be within the TODS.