Tennis Open Data Standards

Welcome to the information portal for the Tennis Open Data Standards (TODS)

The goal of the Tennis Open Data Standards (TODS) project is to create a single data exchange framework that allows the transfer of any tennis-related data between different information systems using consistent, agreed formats and methods.

What are the Tennis Open Data Standards?

The Tennis Open Data Standards (TODS) are a set of specifications and requirements for transferring data from one party to another. The TODS project is led by the ITF but with input and collaboration from an ever-growing number of tennis industry stakeholders.

It seeks to establish:

1. Industry specifications & standards for representing tennis data.
2. A commonly understood format and methods for exchanging that data.
3. Widespread adoption of data standards throughout the global tennis community.

Key Principles

The following key principles have been established to guide us in creating the TODS:

  • Universal – TODS should be able to represent information relating to any tennis event, player, or ranking, either current or historical.
  • Open – Anyone can freely access and use TODS.
  • Neutral – TODS is not specifically tailored to any individual organisation, vendor, operational model or usage scenario.
  • Extendable – TODS must be able to handle additional types of tennis-related information as they become generally required and provide a mechanism for individual custom requirements (that are not included in the formal schema definition) to be used without compromising or affecting the more general interoperability requirements.
  • Flexible – Excluding some key fields, most data fields specified in TODS should be optional and need only be present and populated if such data is required by the requester.
  • Scalable – TODS should be usable in small one-off data transfers just as easily as they allow for regular automated high-volume data exchange.
  • Community-Driven – TODS should represent a collaboration between all interested parties and should be developed in accordance with the collective need of the whole global tennis community.
  • Usable – TODS are designed to facilitate automated data exchange via web service APIs and so must be compatible with this usage.

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Current Version

If you wish to download the latest version of TODS or view the latest sample data files, they can be found here:

Developed by the International Tennis Federation

Please note that the TODS are still in development so some information may change as the Standards evolve and as new versions are created. The documentation is also liable to change with new releases.

Get Involved

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