Introduction to Rankings


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1. What is a Ranking

The Ranking entity is used to capture Players or Teams ranks within a category

2. Ranking Schema

To see a graphical representation of the data model (schema) for the Ranking entity please expand the link below:

 View Ranking Schema Diagram

3. Creating a Ranking

The minimum information to create a Ranking entity is an ID and a Name

  <Name>ATP Ranking</Name>
      <Type>Roll Over</Type>
  "Updated" : "2019-12-31"
  "RankingID" : "349C4B46-9EB6-4E52-9486-38C02911FF03"
  "Name" : "ATP Ranking"
  "Discipline" : "Tennis"
  "RankingType" : "INDIVIDUAL"
  "Gender" : "MALE"
  "RankingItems" : " : [
      "Type" : "Roll Over
      "SortOrder" : "1"
      "Result" : "10840"
      "Rank" : "1"
      "RankingItemCode" : ""
      "Person" : {
        "TennisId" : "ABC1234567


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