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1. What is an Event?

Within a tournament the participants usually don’t all play each other. They are split into different groups and compete in those groups to see who is the winner. In TODS each of those groups is an Event. Each Tournament will have at least one event but could have many more. And players may take part in more than one event in each Tournament. Each Event will have a name and some characteristics that define it.

For example:

Discipline - is this event Tennis, Beach Tennis or Wheelchair?
EventType - singles, doubles or team
Age Category - is there a restriction on what age you must be to take part?
Gender - must players be men, women or is it open to all?
WheelchairClass - must players be a certain class to take part?

Organisers may have other ways of defining which people can take part in an event - perhaps by World Tennis Number or being resident in a certain area.

Within a tournament there can be any number of events for players (singly, in pairs or teams) to complete in. The Event entity provides information about each of these events. This section explains the key parts of an Event.

2. Event Schema

To see a graphical representation of the data model (schema) for the Event entity please expand the link below:

 View Event Schema Diagram

3. Creating an Event

The mandatory information required to create an Event entity is an id and a name. This would be valid but a normal Event will include at a minimum the ID, name, discipline, event type and gender.

  <Name>Sample Event</Name>
  "Event": {
    "EventID": "Tennis:Event:EventId:Event1",
    "Updated": "1900-01-01T01:01:01+00:00",
    "IDs": { "ID": "Tennis:Tournament:TournamentId:349C4B46-9EB6-4E52-9486-38C02911FF03:Event:EventId:Event1" },
    "Name": "Sample Event"

4. Event ID

In EventID you must supply your unique identifier for the event. The value must be unique within the tournament.

When you’re exchanging information with a client or supplier it is possible that you both have an ID for the Event. To make exchange easier TODS allows for any number of additional IDs to be included with Event. See ‘How to include multiple identifiers’ for more information.

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