Version 0.2

Data Standards.xsd


[Draft 0.2] Added entry point schemaTop group
[Draft 0.2] Grouped common elements
[Draft 0.2] Added MaxOccurs to limit objects
[Draft 0.2] Renamed OnlineProfile->Name to Identifier
[Draft 0.2] Added Contacts, TournamentOfficials and TennisOfficials
[Draft 0.2] Renamed Person->TennisID to WorldTennisID
[Draft 0.2] Renamed Person->Sex to Gender
[Draft 0.2] Renamed Person->BiographicalInformation->CoachTennisID to CoachWorldTennisID
[Draft 0.2] Added DrawStructure
[Draft 0.2] Renamed Email to EmailAddress
[Draft 0.2] Added AddressLine3
[Draft 0.2] Added Venues and Courts
[Draft 0.2] Added Tie
[Draft 0.2] Added OrderOfPlay, OrderOfPlayItems, ScheduleItem

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